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I have spent all morning trying to get my new laptop (Vista) and Mr.Nerd's dying desktop (XP) to try to talk to each other. FINALLY I got a network set up but now that I've moved most of my files over, my wireless connection is all OMGWTF! Sigh.

It looks like it might rain outside, which is good because my poor garden is suffering. And there are a bunch of forest fires that need to be put out. Australia sent us some firefighters - thank you Australia!! I can hear the waterbombers flying overhead all the time because one of the bases is in Abbotsford.

So, I've been on a couple of trips to see the parents lately. They are all driving me crazy because they don't realize that hi, I'm nearly 40 years old and am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and don't need advice 24/7. I think they all need hobbies.

Mr.Nerd and I just went up to Powell River where we went to what BC calls a "beach" and I sliced my foot open on a barnacle encrusted rock. If I wasn't in the middle of nowhere with my in-laws, I would have gone in for stitches because the gash is like 3 inches long and it bled forever. ROCKS AND BARNACLES - WTF IN-LAWS!?!! Having grown up going to Grand Beach I am totally spoiled rotten.

A few weeks ago the dog and I went to go see NerdDad on Mayne Island. It was okay except for the fact my Dad is really OCD about the way he does stuff and with someone there it threw him for a loop. AND he wouldn't let me watch Coronation Street. But we did go to the Japanese Garden that I hadn't been to in a couple of years. It was made by the current residents of Mayne Island to remember those of Japanese Heritage who were taken away from their homes during WWII when they were interred in camps. It does not undo what was done but it tells us to not forget that horrible time when Canadians treated their fellow Canadians so badly. My Dad helped with the initial construction but now it is taken care of by some terrific volunteer gardeners. Pics behind the cut )There were more pictures, but they didn't turn out because they were in the shade/dappled sunlight. In person the statues and benches etc. were spectacular!!!

And now I should bring the laundry in and rustle up some dinner.

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I'm having trouble plucking Dreamwidth pages that have an age restriction applied to them. I have my username and password input in the 'authentication' part of the form but I still get the "Age Filtered Notice" page instead of the actual story I really want to read. Any suggestions??

In other news, I haven't really been online for a couple of weeks - I've just been busy doing absolutely nothing but hanging outside with my dog. Pretty boring eh? And listening to the new Green Day - which rocks.

Thank you and goodnight

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Mr.Nerd and I went to see Year One after I got home from work today. It was stupidly funny. I heart Jack Black even through the fart jokes. I feel better for checking my brain at the door for a couple of hours after the few days I've had at work. I was thisclose to quitting today but instead I went to the bathroom and cried and felt better. I can't believe some douchebag made me cry and yelled: "I have a 700,000 dollar house, I deserve better than this" at me (he didn't like the fact the boss had a day off and couldn't wait on him). Gotta love it. I think I'm having a hormonal surge anyway.

In other news, David Cross makes everything funnier and I want him to come to my house to hang out and have a BBQ (my husband would plotz!).

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We took the European Cousins (more about them later - they weren't that bad) to Hell's Gate and it was a touristy thing to do.

I'm afraid of heights )

Here is my garden!! I'm so happy that it's summer and things are growing.

Someone keeps pooping in my beans )

Maui says - thank you, come again! She'll be snoozing in her kennel till dinnertime.
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Hello. Today the In-Laws and some of Mr.Nerd's family from The Old Country are coming to stay for a few days (if you're Canadian and you're descended from someone in Europe from Germany eastward, where your descendants are from is affectionately known as the "old country" because Canada is the "new country" or something like that. IDK, I just married into this family). Of course the following happened:

- It is raining. It hasn't rained in a month.
- Our dryer is broken (it won't heat) so now we have to go to the laundromat to dry things. I can't put things on the line because of the rain. I have 3 loads of bedding and towels that need drying.
- The cats and dog are destroying the house as fast as we're cleaning it.
- I still have to put in a full day of work today.

What are we going to do with these people in the rain? We were going to take them hiking up at Cultus Lake or Bridal Veil Falls but unlike Mr.Nerd and I who are used to the BC wet weather, they are not. Also, my experience with European Cousins is that no one owns a pair of runners (what is with all the high heels?) and the thought of hiking sounds really weird. IDK!!! I am happy they speak English because last time the whole miming and doing hand signals wasn't working too well. Can you tell I'm nervous? Mr.Nerd's family freaks me out.

And now a not so sekrit message to [personal profile] chootoy - YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for the postcard. Yes, and yes and yes, btw. *snug*

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I am sick. I have a fever and my ears hurt and I called in sick to work today even though I like my job and didn't want to. They told me to go to a clinic but when I called around, the average wait was 4 hours and I can't drive into Vancouver to see my doctor for fear I'll crash the car. So I took a couple of Tylenol and if I still feel shitty later, I'll go to the clinic at the hospital that opens at 5. According to the Health Canada website, I do not have the swine flu. Or do I? The symptoms are quite vague. But the good news is that I can't get H1N1 from the bacon I ate the other day.

Yesterday morning when the sun came up around 4:00 a.m., the Steller's Jays and the Crows/Ravens had a massive battle in the trees in the back of our house. I don't know who won but they squawked until nearly 3 in the afternoon. There were feathers all over our back yard! Crazy.

I had so much else to say like about my vegetable garden but my brain is shutting down and I need a nap.

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1. Memo to Mikey Way - dude, you are SO addicted to Twitter!

2. Hey John Travolta - AJ Mclean wants his look back.

3. John & Kate = awkward

4. An entire wing of an elderly care home came in to buy tomatoes as they are having a tomato growing contest. They were the best little old ladies and men ever!! I wanted to hug them all.

5. Some emo boy came in yesterday and ordered a corsage for grad and couldn't spit out what he wanted because he was so shy/embarrassed/whatever so he got his Mom to do it.

6. Normal, every-day Mom's are getting Monroe and eyebrow piercings here - it's totally jumped the shark.

7. I had a guy recognize my Nightwing tattoo yesterday and then he pulled up his sleeve to show me the most beautiful Superman tattoo covering most of his arm. All is not lost in this city.

8. However, I have to go all the way to LANGLEY (60 km) to buy stupid pet food because no one here carries the brand we like.

9. Conan is awesome.

10. It's very, very hot here right now in the valley. Sure, they give the temperature for Abbotsford as only +24 but it was +30c in the shade last night at 8:00 on my deck here in Chilliwack. The worst thing is that with all the windows and curtains open, the birds start singing at 4:30 in the morning and then the cat steps on my head to go look outside, which wakes me up and I get cranky! But I'll take the heat over the 5 feet of snow we had this winter anytime.

Thank you and come again.

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It is Monday and it's a gorgeous one out here in the big valley. Sooon I will take the dog for a walk but I'm finally catching up on lj/dw and a bunch of other things. I still haven't planted my garden yet but I have this Saturday off and I'm doing it then come hell or high water!!!

I saw Terminator:Salvation on Friday - it was awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

[personal profile] chootoy came over on Saturday and that was very very cool.

Mr.Nerd and I were going to see Wolverine but everything was on too late and we were tired so we came home, ate popcorn for dinner and watched Get Smart on the movie channel.

Work has been kicking my ass and I've been totally exhausted when I come home and usually fall asleep on the couch after eating dinner - whatever time that may be.

And because this got kind of long - [personal profile] ms_nerd's contribution to Customers Suck )

Did you notice I had nothing in there about coworkers? Because they rock.

I really should get moving. Urgh. I want a day to myself in my backyard where I don't have to do anything but lie in the grass with my Dog.

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HELLO!!! Not dead just incredibly busy and my body feels like I've been hit by a truck. I keep trying to come here and post things but then I have do go to work or moan on the couch that work killed me again or do something stupid like housework.

Here's one for the Canadians:
Mr.Nerd and I were driving in Hwy1 when "50 Mission Cup" by The Hip came on the radio and we changed the words around so that instead of it being about Bill Barilko, it was about Mike Myers jinxing the Leafs out of their chances to go to the playoffs with the crappy movie The Love Guru and Matts Sundin secretly knew this would happen, which is why he asked to be traded and hid in Sweden until it was out of theatres.

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Hello!!! How are you? That's nice. I'm crossposting from Dreamwidth where I changed my layout but haven't had time to customize much but that's okay. I only have 4 icons loaded over here but still - that is okay!! I love Dreamwidth so much that I want to marry it and adopt babies with it. On April 30 you can love it to, when the site opens to the public!

- Job: Is amazingly tough and OMG!! most of the time but I love it. I got a paycheque on Friday and even though it is 25% of what I was making before, it is money and I worked hard for it (cue music) and damn, it feels good.

- Wedding: My friend got married to an awesome man from Nigeria the other day and their wedding was one of the most interesting, uplifting, happiest things I've been to in my life! I went to a Catholic service for the first time ever and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. Things learned: Nigerian men really like fancy shoes, Little kids will dance when bored, If you get depressed because you're not the center of attention, a wedding isn't the place for you ([personal profile] chootoy knows who I am talking about), Love is unconditional.

- Dog: She nipped at my father-in-law, which is bad but he's afraid of her so she probably sensed that. Plus, my f-i-l wasn't the most great person this weekend.

- Me: I was sick and tired of being miserable so I had a big talk with myself and said "stop making mountains out of molehills because that is holding you back! Get on with your life because there is not one 'thing' or 'event' that will make you happy, being ALIVE is what you should be grateful for you idiot" and then I took the dog for a long walk and yeah, being alive is a blessing, I shouldn't waste it on always looking on the bad side. That does not mean I'm not going to always be in a good mood, but I'm not going to dwell on things until it consumes me.

And now it's lunchtime and after that I have to do some coding and laundry for today is my day off but tomorrow I'm working 10-6!


hello world

Apr. 8th, 2009 01:37 pm
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YAY!!! I'm so happy to be here. w00t!!


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