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It is Monday and it's a gorgeous one out here in the big valley. Sooon I will take the dog for a walk but I'm finally catching up on lj/dw and a bunch of other things. I still haven't planted my garden yet but I have this Saturday off and I'm doing it then come hell or high water!!!

I saw Terminator:Salvation on Friday - it was awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

[personal profile] chootoy came over on Saturday and that was very very cool.

Mr.Nerd and I were going to see Wolverine but everything was on too late and we were tired so we came home, ate popcorn for dinner and watched Get Smart on the movie channel.

Work has been kicking my ass and I've been totally exhausted when I come home and usually fall asleep on the couch after eating dinner - whatever time that may be.

And because this got kind of long - [personal profile] ms_nerd's contribution to customers suck.

1. I'm sorry your Credit Card now has a chip in it and you need a PIN where you didn't need one before! No, I can't swipe it, the machine won't let me (I THINK IT'S A CYLON) so if you have a problem, call your bank, do not yell at me!!! Seniors who are afraid of technology, I'm looking at you!! Every system at every store is different so if you didn't have to use it at Safeway, that doesn't mean it's the same here. *cries*

2. This is an independent, family run business. We are not Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Superstore, Home Depot or Rona. We don't buy 50,000 of say sprinklers or other hard goods to get the lowest price, rather we buy maybe 30 at a time. So yeah, we're a little more expensive on those kind of things. Also, the quality of our plants and trees are way better than what you'll get at a chain because we grow and propagate a lot of our things from our seeds/cuttings/plugs and we employ real Horticulturists who take care of our product. Our prices are more but if you want crap that you don't know where it came from that will die on you, buy it somewhere else and quit bitching about how much it costs. If you didn't want to spend $300 on plants, then why did you pick them out? Don't say "too much" when I tell you the total. You don't have to shop here!

3. See that big sign that says "wait here for the next available cashier"? THAT MEANS YOU!

4. When you get up to my till, don't start throwing your debit/credit card at me and barking at me what you have in your cart. If you have a discount card, I need to ask you that question first because I have to punch that in at the beginning of the order. Also, our system is literally 15 years old and I have to manually type everything in. There's no scanning going on with plants so saying "I got 10 of these and 2 of these and 6 of these and 8 of these" and expecting me to keep up will not work. Don't get mad at me because I haven't got those 8 tomato plants yet because I'm still trying to find all the basket stuffers you have randomly placed in and around all the other things you have bought. People try to confuse me all the time so they get things for free - it will not work! So chill out and let me do my job.

5. Don't bring your problems into my store! You may be tired, angry, drunk, but lady, I've been standing here on concrete for EIGHT HOURS with only a half hour break.

6. Wait here for the next available cashier!!!!!!!!!

7. It's Sunday. It's Mother's Day. It's nice out. This is the busiest day of the year - it surpasses Boxing Day!!! It's going to crazycakes. Yes, I know there are no more carts. Oh, I know the line is through the store. It's the same all over town. Maybe you should have bought your Mom something yesterday or the day before instead of waiting till the last minute to get that hanging basket!!!!! I'M JUST SAYIN'!

8. No, I can't give you a refund because your plant died over the winter. No one could have predicted it was going down to -18c when the usual temperature is -5c. I do realize you spent $30 on that shrub but we're not God, we can't control the weather. No, you can't have a new one. Seriously, it.was.WINTER!!! Sigh.

9. I totally know you guys have a grow-op.

10. No, really, that sign on the cart that says "please do not place children on carts" isn't there for you! Your kid can stand up on it and surf no problem. When s/he falls off and cracks his head open, we'll totally understand when you sue us for having unsafe carts that are meant just for plants.

Did you notice I had nothing in there about coworkers? Because they rock.

I really should get moving. Urgh. I want a day to myself in my backyard where I don't have to do anything but lie in the grass with my Dog.

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