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Mr.Nerd and I went to see Year One after I got home from work today. It was stupidly funny. I heart Jack Black even through the fart jokes. I feel better for checking my brain at the door for a couple of hours after the few days I've had at work. I was thisclose to quitting today but instead I went to the bathroom and cried and felt better. I can't believe some douchebag made me cry and yelled: "I have a 700,000 dollar house, I deserve better than this" at me (he didn't like the fact the boss had a day off and couldn't wait on him). Gotta love it. I think I'm having a hormonal surge anyway.

In other news, David Cross makes everything funnier and I want him to come to my house to hang out and have a BBQ (my husband would plotz!).

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It is Monday and it's a gorgeous one out here in the big valley. Sooon I will take the dog for a walk but I'm finally catching up on lj/dw and a bunch of other things. I still haven't planted my garden yet but I have this Saturday off and I'm doing it then come hell or high water!!!

I saw Terminator:Salvation on Friday - it was awesome. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

[personal profile] chootoy came over on Saturday and that was very very cool.

Mr.Nerd and I were going to see Wolverine but everything was on too late and we were tired so we came home, ate popcorn for dinner and watched Get Smart on the movie channel.

Work has been kicking my ass and I've been totally exhausted when I come home and usually fall asleep on the couch after eating dinner - whatever time that may be.

And because this got kind of long - [personal profile] ms_nerd's contribution to Customers Suck )

Did you notice I had nothing in there about coworkers? Because they rock.

I really should get moving. Urgh. I want a day to myself in my backyard where I don't have to do anything but lie in the grass with my Dog.



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