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I have spent all morning trying to get my new laptop (Vista) and Mr.Nerd's dying desktop (XP) to try to talk to each other. FINALLY I got a network set up but now that I've moved most of my files over, my wireless connection is all OMGWTF! Sigh.

It looks like it might rain outside, which is good because my poor garden is suffering. And there are a bunch of forest fires that need to be put out. Australia sent us some firefighters - thank you Australia!! I can hear the waterbombers flying overhead all the time because one of the bases is in Abbotsford.

So, I've been on a couple of trips to see the parents lately. They are all driving me crazy because they don't realize that hi, I'm nearly 40 years old and am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and don't need advice 24/7. I think they all need hobbies.

Mr.Nerd and I just went up to Powell River where we went to what BC calls a "beach" and I sliced my foot open on a barnacle encrusted rock. If I wasn't in the middle of nowhere with my in-laws, I would have gone in for stitches because the gash is like 3 inches long and it bled forever. ROCKS AND BARNACLES - WTF IN-LAWS!?!! Having grown up going to Grand Beach I am totally spoiled rotten.

A few weeks ago the dog and I went to go see NerdDad on Mayne Island. It was okay except for the fact my Dad is really OCD about the way he does stuff and with someone there it threw him for a loop. AND he wouldn't let me watch Coronation Street. But we did go to the Japanese Garden that I hadn't been to in a couple of years. It was made by the current residents of Mayne Island to remember those of Japanese Heritage who were taken away from their homes during WWII when they were interred in camps. It does not undo what was done but it tells us to not forget that horrible time when Canadians treated their fellow Canadians so badly. My Dad helped with the initial construction but now it is taken care of by some terrific volunteer gardeners. Pics behind the


The entrance


The stream by the path from the entrance.

Overview of the garden from the path from the entrance.

The tree on the right was donated by me and Mr.Nerd and the one on the left by my brother.

The big pond.


View from the other side.

There were more pictures, but they didn't turn out because they were in the shade/dappled sunlight. In person the statues and benches etc. were spectacular!!!

And now I should bring the laundry in and rustle up some dinner.



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