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Hello. Today the In-Laws and some of Mr.Nerd's family from The Old Country are coming to stay for a few days (if you're Canadian and you're descended from someone in Europe from Germany eastward, where your descendants are from is affectionately known as the "old country" because Canada is the "new country" or something like that. IDK, I just married into this family). Of course the following happened:

- It is raining. It hasn't rained in a month.
- Our dryer is broken (it won't heat) so now we have to go to the laundromat to dry things. I can't put things on the line because of the rain. I have 3 loads of bedding and towels that need drying.
- The cats and dog are destroying the house as fast as we're cleaning it.
- I still have to put in a full day of work today.

What are we going to do with these people in the rain? We were going to take them hiking up at Cultus Lake or Bridal Veil Falls but unlike Mr.Nerd and I who are used to the BC wet weather, they are not. Also, my experience with European Cousins is that no one owns a pair of runners (what is with all the high heels?) and the thought of hiking sounds really weird. IDK!!! I am happy they speak English because last time the whole miming and doing hand signals wasn't working too well. Can you tell I'm nervous? Mr.Nerd's family freaks me out.

And now a not so sekrit message to [personal profile] chootoy - YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for the postcard. Yes, and yes and yes, btw. *snug*



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