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1. Memo to Mikey Way - dude, you are SO addicted to Twitter!

2. Hey John Travolta - AJ Mclean wants his look back.

3. John & Kate = awkward

4. An entire wing of an elderly care home came in to buy tomatoes as they are having a tomato growing contest. They were the best little old ladies and men ever!! I wanted to hug them all.

5. Some emo boy came in yesterday and ordered a corsage for grad and couldn't spit out what he wanted because he was so shy/embarrassed/whatever so he got his Mom to do it.

6. Normal, every-day Mom's are getting Monroe and eyebrow piercings here - it's totally jumped the shark.

7. I had a guy recognize my Nightwing tattoo yesterday and then he pulled up his sleeve to show me the most beautiful Superman tattoo covering most of his arm. All is not lost in this city.

8. However, I have to go all the way to LANGLEY (60 km) to buy stupid pet food because no one here carries the brand we like.

9. Conan is awesome.

10. It's very, very hot here right now in the valley. Sure, they give the temperature for Abbotsford as only +24 but it was +30c in the shade last night at 8:00 on my deck here in Chilliwack. The worst thing is that with all the windows and curtains open, the birds start singing at 4:30 in the morning and then the cat steps on my head to go look outside, which wakes me up and I get cranky! But I'll take the heat over the 5 feet of snow we had this winter anytime.

Thank you and come again.

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